Christian Education

Salem Seekers is for all children ages 3 through 6 th grade. Classes are divided by appropriate age. In our Seekers program we do arts and crafts and have a Bible-based lesson each week. We also sing and learn to play the crystal bells. Children can earn “Disciple Dollars” through faithful attendance that they can use to either purchase small prizes or donate the equivalent dollar amount to our mission programs.
Sunday School takes place Sunday mornings at 9:00 am in the Gathering Room

Confirmation is a program in our church for 7th and 8th-grade (or older) students. In Confirmation, students learn the basics of faith, Christian theology, world religions, and other subjects relevant to their lives. Students who complete our program and wish to publicly confess their faith to others are “confirmed” into the Christian faith and welcomed into the membership of our church. Confirmation classes are taught by Rev. Jeremy on Wednesday nights during the school year, and Confirmation Sunday School classes meet on Sunday mornings as well. Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm in the Upper Parish Hall
Sunday mornings at 9:00 am in the Confirmation Classrooms

“Youth+” is taught by Patrick Stille and examines the Bible through the Bible Project podcast. The first Sunday of each month is specifically designed for our high school students, and all remaining Sundays of the month are open to everyone interested in developing a comprehensive understanding of the Bible.
Sunday mornings at 9:00 am in the Youth Room

Adult Sunday School is taught by Pastor John. Adults explore various Bible themes and subjects and get to know one another better through this shared experience. Sunday mornings at 8:45 am in the Parlor