Exhale Youth Group

What is Exhale?

Exhale is the youth group here at Salem United Church of Christ that is open to all current 6th through 12th graders. Children of the church, in the community, and friends are welcome to join. Exhale meetings are weekly on Sundays from 6-7:30 pm and are open to everybody. High School Hangout is on Wednesdays from 6-8 pm and is open to 9-12th graders.

Weekly meetings consist of fellowship time, usually playing games and getting to know each other, followed by a lesson. Lessons take what we hear in church or Sunday School, but are presented in a way that kids can relate to, through issues and topics in our everyday lives. On Wednesdays, High School Hangouts consist of just that…hanging out! Youth bring homework, listen to music, relax, and maybe play some cards before diving into a discussion-based lesson about issues and topics that are related to the lives of the high school youth. Once a month, our High School Hangout is a “Family Dinner”, where the youth enjoy making dinner for each other.

Throughout the year, Exhale participates in several activities and fundraisers, such as the Haunted House, Turkeyfest, Giving Tree Scavenger Hunt, Sausage Supper Coat Check, and many more. All of these lead up to the summer mission trips. The middle schoolers will be going to Shannondale for a weekend, while the high schoolers go on a week-long trip, which is different every year.

Above all of this, Exhale is a family. Those involved in Exhale know that they have a support system. They have a place to breathe and be themselves. They have a place to release stress, anxiety, confusion, anger, and other things they encounter during the week. Exhale shows the power of love, forgiveness, understanding, grace, and hope.

If you are interested in Exhale, don’t hesitate to stop by a weekly meeting! If you have questions or want to get weekly text updates about Exhale, contact Becca.

Love Wins, 

Becca Resillez


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