Church Council



The Church Council consists of the Pastor ex-officio and twelve members of the congregation. The members are elected by a majority vote at the regular Annual Meeting. Church Council members serve three-year terms.

The Church Council organizes itself and transacts the business of the church, and they meet at least once monthly. Members of the Church Council serve on the standing committees of the church and report back to the Church Council monthly. The Church Council serves as support for all staff. Accurate records of both financial and proceedings are kept and are presented to the congregation at its regular meetings. The Church Council, through its President and consultation with the Pastor, appoints committees necessary for the accomplishment of its work.

The Church Council is responsible for the care and control of Salem’s church property. They also assist and support the pastor in the spiritual affairs of the church and aid in securing the funds necessary for the support of the church. They foster principles of stewardship and provide guidance in dispensing the charities of the church.