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Lions and Lambs
For the most part, there are two types of personalities in the world. One is a personality like a lion; someone who is strong, independent, hard-working, but also opinionated, harsh, judgmental, and heartless. The other personality is that of a lamb; someone who is soft and gentle and quiet, but at the same time doesn’t stand up for themselves, gets walked on, and often lets life pass them by. I recently asked the kids what kind of person they were and which one is “ideal.” Currently in our society, it seems as if we are surrounded by lions. There are so many people who have strong opinions and are willing to do whatever they need to do to get their way, no matter who they offend. Is this what we want to be teaching our kids to become? On the other hand, we don’t want our kids to be lambs either. We want them to be able to stand up for themselves, to work hard to reach their goals, but still have the gentleness and grace to not be heartless. How do we find a balance between these two extremes? Is it possible to be both a lamb and a lion? This is a difficult thing, but with practice it is very possible. It is possible to have goals and know what you need to do in your life to accomplish those goals; but also being graceful, caring, loving, and compassionate. I encourage kids to be brave, strong, hard-working; but do this with thoughtfulness, forgiveness, and grace towards others. If more adults in our society, both in our small town and in larger cities, found a way to be both a lion and a lamb, our kids would be growing up in a much better world…a world that strives for bigger things and works hard, but recognizes there are other people in this world that have different opinions and lives than us…a world that accepts differences and provides an opportunity for everybody to be successful.

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Thank You from Hitz Home

Hitz Memorial Home would like to thank you for your donation. Your generosity combined with thoughtful gifts of other friends, is a very important part of the Home’s commitment to excellence in long term care. On behalf of the Residents, Board of Directors and Staff of Hitz Memorial Home, please accept our sincere appreciation for your generous gift.
--- Susan Tudor

Thank You from Paco Newman

I would like to thank the members at Salem UCC for all the prayers while I was in the hospital. I truly appreciate it!
---- Paco Newman