The Middle School Mission trip will be June 22rd to June 24th. This year's trip will be to Shannondale.


The High School Mission trip will be from July 7th through the 14th. Exhale will be traveling to Houston, Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey recovery.

Youth Director
Becca Braundmeier


Exhale Meets Every Sunday at 4:00 pm at Salem UCC


Life Is Like a Box of...Crayons
A crayon is a useful thing. It can be used to create beautiful artwork, things that bring us joy, or even things that can be useful to us. In a box of 64 crayons, not a single one is the same as another. Just like people. In a world of 7.6 billion people, we are all different. Some of us Midnight Blue, Carnation Pink, Olive Green, or Royal Purple. We all have our unique talents and gifts. But, like the clay a potter uses, we are the tool, not the artist. Crayons don’t jump out of a box and create a masterpiece on their own. They are used by people of all ages. We are the tools used by God to do His will. We were not made to be put on display or to be unused, sitting in a box in pristine condition. We were made to do the work of God and to serve Him. A crayon starts its life bright and fresh. Some would even say they smell nice. However, as a crayon fulfills its intended purpose, it changes. It becomes worn down, the wrapping gets torn, and it even gets broken. Eventually, they all end up in the big bin of broken crayons. We all had one of these as a kid. Some of us still do. But just because those crayons make it to the bin, doesn’t mean they can’t still fulfill their purpose: to color. God calls us by name. He knows us personally and cherishes us. He knows all our scars and brokenness. He knows that we are ineffective unless we have His strength and direction in our lives. No matter what color crayon you are, you have a unique purpose in this world but without God in your life, we will never be used to make that purpose a reality. We will never make it to the big bin of used crayons.

--- Becca Braundmeier, Youth Director