Exhale - Note from the Youth Director

Busy, or Too Busy?
Lately, I have been asking myself, “What is too busy?” I often tell my students that my diet consists of coffee for breakfast, Ski for lunch, and a KickStart for dinner just to have the energy to get through the day. Although I say this jokingly, I started to really question if I was too busy? Was I sacrificing too much of my life to do my job? I enjoy being busy. I like feeling like I am being productive and helpful. But should I feel guilty for taking a night off to binge watch a show on Netflix? I see a lot of kids today trying to do everything. They work hard to keep up with their academics, participate in extracurricular activities, hold a job (or several), and then, finding time for friends and family on top of all of that. I often ask them…”when do you sleep?” Are we putting too much pressure on our children to be perfect? Are we expecting too much from them? Can they live up to the expectations set before them, while still having fun and being a kid? We are raised to be the best, almost competing for this title with those we are closest to. And when do we say to ourselves “I am enough”? We shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a breather to enjoy each other’s company or to relax and watch tv. So, I encourage you to ask yourself, or your children…”Are you too busy?” Are you missing the best parts of your life trying to get everything done? And, more importantly, do you enjoy the life you are living?

--- Becca Braundmeier, Youth Director